We set up Beecroft Publications over fifteen years ago in order to publish our guide to the wines of Faugères - 'Faugères, a Guide to the Appellation'. Since then we have published a number of other publications listed below, mainly those by Leeds-based authors.

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Signs of my Times
A life with deaf people

Signs of my Times front cover

by Martin Smith
pub. 2018, ISBN 978-0-9930909-5-0
180 pages, 156 x 234mm
Price: £10
Postage (if ordered directly from us): £2.10 extra

In the summer of 1957, at the end of his service in the Royal Navy, Martin Smith's local labour exchange in Exeter offered him two interviews: for a local insurance post or for a trainee welfare officer post in Leeds in the deaf and dumb department of the local Institute for the Blind and the Deaf and Dumb. For no particular reason he chose Leeds.

Sixty years on he reflects on his ensuing lifelong obsession with the Leeds signing community. His forthright observations reflect a deep involvement with the issues that beset deaf people and the systems of social control and educational rigidity that ensured low expectations and poor life chances.

This is a frank autobiography interwoven with the long efforts to change attitudes. Inevitably the years were marked by conflict with the dominant authorities and battles eventually won, but he expresses a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to participate in a great adventure.

The Leeds Yellow Book 2018
Essays on a Liberal Future for Leeds

The Leeds Yellow Book 2018 front cover

edited by Ian MacFadyen, Michael Meadowcroft and Elizabeth Bee
pub. 2018, ISBN 978-0-9930909-4-3
152 pages, A5
Price: £7
Postage (if ordered directly from us): £1.80 extra

Following the first volume published in 2015, this second volume of essays on a Liberal Leeds demonstrates the range of local ideas that can be inspired by Liberalism.

It contains chapters by ten local writers, plus an introduction from Leeds-born Lord Dick Newby, Leader of the Liberal Peers. There are chapters on Leeds for a New Generation, Leeds and the Northern Powerhouse, Why Inner Leeds voted to leave the European Union, The Economy: Two Years On; Two Years To Go, Parish Councils - Service and Nurturing Communities, Housing in Leeds, Social Care - Looking for a Cultural Shift, Liberalism - Wellness and Happiness, Access to Justice - the Local Role, Leeds - Media City or Media Void and Marks of Liberal Leeds.

Though the essays are focused on the City of Leeds, the lessons and ideas can and should be applied elsewhere.

The Politics of Electoral Reform

Politics of Electoral Reform front cover

by Michael Meadowcroft

Pub. July 2016, 4th edition, ISBN 978-0-9930909-3-6
80 pages, A5
Price: £5.00
Postage: £1.80 extra

Public elections in the UK use five different election systems. So, just to say that one wants "proportional representation" begs the question of which system.

Recent literature on electoral reform, and the considerable media interest in the subject, particularly at the time of the 2011 UK referendum on the Alternative Vote, have tended to concentrate on electoral arithmetic and on party proportionality. The electoral lottery of the 2015 general election has widened the debate to bring forward issues of legitimacy.

In this revised edition Michael Meadowcroft examines the wider implications of changing the Westminster voting system, not least its role in combatting the increasing disillusion in our political processes. In particular, he sets out the political consequences of different electoral systems, examines the mythical advantages claimed for the single member constituency and the myths and the facts about election systems and proposes what he considers to be the system that best suits the voters' and the country's needs.

Tales from an Environmental and Tribal Lawyer

Tales from an Environmental and Tribal Lawyer cover

by Jerry Pearlman

pub. April 2016, ISBN 978-0-9930909-2-9
114 pages, 210 x 147mm
Price: £6.99
Postage: £1.80 extra

Sixty years of legal practice in Leeds have provided Jerry Pearlman with a host of tellable tales. Given his passion for rambling the stories in part one focus on environmental cases that led to key decisions, safeguarding or extending the public's rights in the countryside. They also illustrate Jerry's unusual ability to spend time listening to individuals who at first sight were at best eccentric and who were certainly obsessed with the validity of their case. In each of the stories in this book he discovered how their research -  in some cases back to the sixteenth century -  enabled him to put together a powerful case and to guide clients through the legal minefield to successful conclusions. These are fascinating tales that both intrigue and challenge the reader.

Jerry's final story tells of his involvement in an international boundary dispute when only at the beginning of his legal career. It entailed him becoming a tribal lawyer, travelling to the newly independent Uganda and representing kings and princes at every level of our legal process.

A Life in Bits - My autobiography

A Life in Bits front cover

by Donald Dean

pub. January 2016, ISBN 978-0-9930909-1-2
200 pages, 171 x 248mm
Price: £14
Postage: £2.80 extra

A Life in Bits - My autobiography is the memoirs of a man of passions.

Donald Dean (1927 - 2015) was a man of passion - he had a great love of theatre, literature and art, but above all else, classical music. He was also passionate about politics and in his early life was active in the Communist party.

From a modest background in Leeds, Donald was largely self-taught having left school at thirteen with only a basic education. In 1963 he formed his business, Crown Topper, and went on to become one of the original entrepreneurs of the swinging 60s. He travelled the world in pursuit of his dreams, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and turning acquaintances into life-long friendships.

Donald starting writing his 'Bio', as he affectionately called it, over twenty years ago and was completed a few months before he died in June 2015. These memoirs are characterised by the frankness with which he relates his story. The 'bits' in the title are an accurate summary of a full and varied life.

Painting the Town Silver
The life and times of Leslie Silver OBE

Painting the Town Silver front cover

by John Fisher

pub. January 2015, ISBN 978-0-9930909-0-5
142 pages, 171 x 248mm
Price: £12
Postage: £2.80 extra

Also available from Philip Howard Books, 47 Street Lane, Leeds LS8.

Painting the Town Silver is the life story of an extraordinary man, Leslie Silver OBE. A quintessential rags to riches story, it begins in the East End of London in the early twentieth century and develops via early experience in the clothing industry, service in Bomber Command during World War II, the creation from scratch of a multi-million pound paint business to a considerable contribution to the life of the City of Leeds.

Leslie's support and work for many worthwhile causes and institutions has been exemplary. He is well known for his contribution to sport - in particular as Chairman of Leeds United, to education - as Chancellor of Leeds Metropolitan University, and through his support of the arts and theatre. His foresight, tenacity and audacity allowed him to become a pioneer in the Yorkshire paint industry which eventually transformed him into an outstanding philanthropic industrialist.

In typically modest fashion, Leslie was reluctant to commit his life story to paper, but was persuaded to create this memoir of a life fully-lived for the benefit of future generations, and to celebrate his 90th birthday in January 2015.

John Fisher, a local writer well-known to Leslie's family, was commissioned to write the memoir which is accompanied by a rich photographic record and spans six generations of the Silver family. This book is not merely a historical record of the life of one of Leeds' most widely admired citizens, but a testament to the pride and love felt by Leslie's large family and especially his children.

"This book is a belated fitting tribute to a great bloke who has given so much and asked for so little in return." Howard Wilkinson

Leslie Silver 1925 - 2014

The Leeds Yellow Book 2015
Essays on a Liberal Future for Leeds

The Leeds Yellow Book 2015 front cover

edited by Ian MacFadyen, Michael Meadowcroft and Elizabeth Bee
pub. 2015, ISBN 978-0-9527025-9-7
104 pages, A5
Price: £7
Postage (if ordered directly from us): £1.80 extra

Also available from Philip Howard Books, 47 Street Lane, Leeds LS8.

Liberal "Yellow Books" derive their title from the series of policy reports commissioned by David Lloyd George when he became leader of the united Liberal Party in October 1926. In Leeds, a group of Liberal Democrats, firmly believing that a "politics of values" is needed, have produced this book of eclectic essays as personal visions of how Liberal Democrats can transform the city. It is not a manifesto: these essays are the personal analyses and ideas of each author, not necessarily policies of the Liberal Democrat party, but we hope they will contribute to the development of Leeds Liberal Democrat manifestos year on year. Written by both new and seasoned writers this Yellow Book is for all those concerned about the future of Leeds.

Freedom, Liberty and Fairness
Liberal Democrat Values for the 21st Century

Freedom Liberty and Fairness front cover

pub. 2013
ISBN 978-0-9527025-8-0
Price: £5 (£6 inc postage)

First published in 2002, this report was prepared by a working group chaired by Sir Alan Beith and included Nick Clegg and Sarah Teather. It was presented to the Autumn 2002 Liberal Democrat Conference where it was accepted by the delegates.

A reprint was published, following consultation, in March 2011 with minor amendments and additions.

This second revised and expanded edition is now available which reflects the changed political context.

Diversity in Danger -
Pluralism and Policy Development

Diversity in Danger front cover

by Michael Meadowcroft

pub. 2010, ISBN 978-0-9527025-5-9
80 pages, A5
Price: £5.99

The debate on political pluralism and multiculturalism has come back on to the agenda with a great deal of passion. All too often the protagonists on each side trundle out assertions and opinions without evidence or philosophic basis. Also, Jeremy Corbyn's election as Labour party leader has once again focussed attention on the inherent hegemonic tendencies of his party, particularly where for years it dominated the electoral horizon. This attitude has led to the complacency which cost it almost all its seats in Scotland and to its vulnerability to UKIP in the North of England at the 2015 general election.

In such a volatile atmosphere the reprinting of Michael Meadowcroft's study of pluralism, Diversity in Danger, is very timely. Written originally for the Policy Studies Institute it is published by Beecroft Publications as a well-researched contribution to the debate.

Vegetable Lasagne, and other illustrated short stories

Vegetable Lasagne front cover

by Michael Rowe. Illustrated by Celly Rowe

Pub. December 2009, ISBN 978 9527025 4 2
286 pages, 205 x 205mm
Price: £9.99

Vegetable Lasagne is a collection of twenty one, unrelated, short stories which represent the author and illustrator's experience of life as humorous, but often confusing and sometimes dark.

Each story is prefaced by an illustration. The volume is centred around the major story which gives the book its title - the story of Henry Bright, a middle-aged textile businessman struggling to keep his company afloat and his marriage alive.

It also includes the surreal adventure Daffodils in the Dark; the scary All in the Mind about facing inner fears and dread, and challenging the demons that lurk at the foot of the bed; and Reggie's Dinner the story of the revenge of a wife frustrated by, and with growing anger and resentment towards her husband, a famous vegetarian chef.

Faugères, a Guide to the Appellation (out of print)

Written by Michael Meadowcroft and Liz Bee, the third edition of this popular guide was published in 2005.

Faugeres Wine Guide front cover

The book includes:

Available in both English and French.

English version:

This is now sold out and a fourth edition is in preparation. Meanwhile, you can download a pdf of the English version of the guide, annotated with some recent changes, from here.

French version:

Faugères: Guide de l'Appellation
by Michael Meadowcroft and Elizabeth Bee
pub. June 2006, ISBN-978 0 9527025 3 5
64 pages, A5

Price: £10.00 (plus 70p p&p)  €12.50 (France)


"Going to the Midi? Packed the maps, the sun-screen, the Euros? Then spend a mere 10 of those Euros (£7) on this marvellous little book. It will change your life" Malcolm Gluck, www.superplonk.com

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